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sunshinesmilee started this conversation
I am someone who has had several health setbacks, but during my worst times, I was thankful to my family and my bff for helping me and therefore life is too short! I'm thankful I have surpassed doctors estimated time frame for enjoying life. I enjoy and am thankful for everyday and to give back in some way ....for no matter how much or how little there is always room for giving is to receive :-)
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barbiecakes808   in reply to sunshinesmilee
The thing about an RV is that they are hot in the summer and cold in the winter. So if the weather goes from one extreme to an other (in your area) it might not be a good idea to live in such a small place that will need constant heat(or) cooling in order for it to be livable. I bought a small 15 foot trailer(simular to that model) when I was in my 20's so I would have a nice place to study while going to college. I was on my parents property so I did not have to pay electric, but it was hot in the summer and cold in the winter. She will most likely incur more expenses than just light work and a tire. She will have to have electric if she is going to have lights and likely she will have to buy propane if the stove isn't electric. Plus the rental space . Also I didn't know if you know this but the doors on those RV and small trailers have flimsy locks and doors. If someone strong pulls on them hard enough ( even when locked) the lock will often come undone and some times even brake. I know I had someone do that to me when I wouldn't let them in, and the guy that we called to fix the lock said that was a common problem of those type of doors. Even tho it sounds nice ( for now) it might be better and much safer if she stayed where she was at and looked into local organizations to help her get a small apartment.
So here are a few suggestions.
Most States have a
Catholic Charities ( and you don't have to be Catholic to get assistance from them) they have "emergency financial assistance" and help out with rent deposits,rent,utilities and much more .I don't know the area that you are in so I am not able to look up specific info for her but,
Most States also have a...
"Salvation Army " which helps out with "emergency financial assistance" to just like Catholic Charities does.
You can look online for "emergency financial assistance " (or) what ever assistance you (or) your friend are in need of . Just type in the name of the town in your specific area + "emergency financial assistance " and several organizations should pop up. I hope this helps...
It is sweet of you to help her , and she is lucky to have a friend like you.
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So with that said if anyone can help me to help a dear friend who was holding my hand many a day I would be so grateful. After these past 4 years she has found herself fighting for her life last year with her sons father, She has been just barley getting by and has her son, work has slowed, and making rent after having her son often with medication for as a and issues through this winter she is desperate but has been unable to do more than pay the bills... her son is a honor student, sweet boy...I wanted to buy an RV and she could pay me back, but I only have enough myself on disability to pay 500, the man is giving 300.00 off asking of 1000. So I'm unable to squeese any more funds, but its a roof for both of them, but lot rent is 300 as I do not have a yard to park it, she is working full time as a server but its not quite season here but soon, she would totally be able to handle lot rent if we could get it set up? I would even have her pay you Back first, her son was so excited about the idea of their own little place, its a 76 man o war self contained few minor issues but all in all OK, needs one tire and some light work....anyone know of an idea? Otherwise its going to be a weekly motel for them. Then the money is spent and the vicious cycle continues....her mother is passed and she has no one to help .....who will or can help me? I have till Wednesday to figure it out....thanks, lets pay it forward
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